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Guachipelín fresh handmade pizza

Eating pizza will always make you spend happy and fun moments with those you love and even more when it is a handcrafted pizza. Its unique flavor and texture will fascinate you and make you feel at home. In Hacienda Guachipelín you will taste the best handmade pizza during your vacations in Costa Rica.

If you’re a pizza lover you can’t miss the incredible taste of Hacienda Guachipelín’s handmade pizzas.

Article by Ana Laura González

The handmade pizza has a crunchier texture and has no preservatives or saturated fats. It is kneaded by hand and made in a stone oven and all the ingredients are totally natural. In Hacienda Guachipelín you will taste the delicious pizza made by Chef Gerardo.

The bread is all made by chef to get that unique crunchier texture.

As you all know, the restaurant’s menu is known for its farm to table freshness. To prepare the pizzas Chef Gerardo uses the vegetables and species that grow in our organic garden, and the cheese comes right from our farm.

You can get to try the Supreme, Hawaiian, Pepperoni, Ham, and Cheese or ask the chef to use your favorite ingredients.  

Every ingredient is fresh from the farm and tomatoes right from the organic garden.

According to Chef Gerardo, every guest and visitor at Guachipelín that tries the handmade pizza has a positive review. They stay to see the spectacle of every phase of the preparation from the start when he goes to get the vegetables and ingredients in the farm until the bread preparation and the baking.

Pizzas are cooked in a traditional stone oven to get the perfect cooking point.

The final step for the perfect pizza is baking. A stone oven will give the pizza a unique bread texture and will get the vegetables on point. Your pizza is ready, waiting for you to try it at Hacienda Guachipelín.

The perfect end for an adventurous day in Rincón de la Vieja is the delicious and fresh flavor of a handmade pizza. The unique flavors will make never forget Hacienda Guachipelín for its unique handmade pizzas.