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La Hacienda Restaurant

La Hacienda Restaurant

Savor the flavors of authentic Costa Rican cuisine at Hacienda Guachipelin Restaurant. Delicious, fresh meals are lovingly prepared by our Costa Rican chefs following time-honored traditional recipes from our region of Guanacaste and Costa Rica.

We offer you farm-to-table homemade meals, producing on our ranch much of the food that we serve in our Hacienda Restaurant. What we don’t grow or raise ourselves, we source fresh from sustainable local vendors.

No artificial ingredients, MSG, canned foods or boxed juices are found in our kitchen. We make everything fresh, including using only fresh herbs and spices from our garden. We offer many possibilities for persons with dietary restrictions: gluten-free, non-dairy, vegetarian and vegan – we have many options.

La Hacienda Restaurant offers an amazing variety in its menu from salads, meats, pasta, snacks, desserts, and drinks.

Our Distinct Offerings

Taste the distinctive flavors our wood burning ovens give our meals, from our homemade breads to our pizzas and desserts. All wood is sustainably harvested from our ranch. Relax with our friendly service and spectacular views across our ranchlands and forest to the Pacific Coast.

At our downstairs bar, you can order savory snacks and your favorite drinks. Dance to live marimba music at night, played by our own living legend, Don Justo, who has been making musical magic on this national instrument of Costa Rica for more than 50 years!

Our expansive open-air Hacienda Restaurant offers special seating areas for groups, hotel guests and day tour guests. See our Sustainability practices for how we save energy and handle our organic waste and trash.

Farm-to-Table Freshly-Made Meals

  • We grow most of our fruits and vegetables in our hydroponic greenhouse and gardens by the restaurant, and in outlying fields
  • We use only fresh herbs and spices from our garden
  • No MSG, canned or jarred sauces, or boxed juices are used. We make all sauces and fruit juices fresh. We make our own jams from fresh fruit with no preservatives
  • Gluten-free, non-dairy, vegetarian and vegan menu options are available
  • Eggs come from our more than 350 free-range chickens
  • Milk fresh from our cows is brought to our restaurant kitchen every morning to be processed. You will enjoy it in your breakfast cereal, coffee and tea, and also in our homemade farmer’s cheese and desserts. Help our ranch hands with the morning milking on our Ranch Life Tour or our Cowboy for a Day Tour
  • We raise cattle, pigs and turkeys for meat; and bees for honey
  • Only sustainable farm-raised tilapia and shrimp are served in our restaurant
  • We serve coffee grown on a small family farm in Naranjo, Costa Rica