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Yoga & Meditation Experiences

Person All Ages

Choose Your Own Yoga Retreat in Costa Rica with Relaxing Options!

Choose from five different yoga or meditation experiences:

Yoga at the Waterfall:
Stimulate the relationship and balance with nature, rediscover your inner world. With the wonderful healing power generated by the negative oxygen ions hidden in the dew of the moving water, your physical and emotional metabolic well-being will increase. Absorb nature’s energy and renew yourself with every asana you perform.

Yoga in the Garden:
Disconnect your mind and free yourself from tension. Absorb all the vitamin D that the sun gives you while you breathe and flow with postures.

Forest Meditation:
Finding balance in life is ideal. Nature provides unconditional love, wisdom, and sustenance. Enjoy this wonderful walk through the forest, the most vibrant and energetic place where you can nourish yourself and raise your consciousness; meditate and heal.

Forest Bathing (Shinrin-Yoku):
Slow down the pace of life, awaken your senses and connect with nature. Take advantage of the inherent benefits of being in the forest. Remember the innate relationship you have with nature. “When we remember, we feel that we are coming home.”

Get away from civilization, forget about shoes and go back to your roots, connect with the natural energy of the Earth charged with free electrons that will help neutralize free radicals, which will benefit you on a physiological, mental and emotional level.

Subject to availability.