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Live a unique thermal experience in the midst of gardens and nature.
Our body treatments are designed to renew, detoxify, hydrate and provide antioxidants through essential nutrients.

What makes Simbiosis Spa truly unique is the way we introduce local ingredients to your health spa experience, such as: fruits, herbs, essential oils, vitamins and minerals. Many with a traditional history of soothing or healing properties that refresh and rejuvenate.

Simbiosis Spa is available from 9.00 am to 5.00 pm Visit our wellness & health spa for a revitalizing experience!

Massages are available after 5.00 pm in the hotel massage room, you can book by email at [email protected] or through Whats App at +506 8485 9334.



Mineral Garden 120 minutes// $176.00

Your experience begins with a body exfoliation, followed by a massage of your choice, and is completed by antioxidant mask with an illuminating action.

Inmmersion Blue Zone  120 minutes // $176.00

The experience begins with a pleasant exfoliation based on pulverized blue corn grains, designed to remove impurities from the skin, which favors optimal absorption of the precious active principles of the nutritious chocolate mask that is then applied. It is completed with an antioxidant facial mask of illuminating action and ends with a pleasant massage.



Exfoliation 45 minutes // $77.00

Body exfoliation purifies the skin and stimulates circulation throughout the body. It ends with the application of vitamin C, antioxidant and moisturizer completes the experience leaving the skin renewed. Choose to your liking in our seasonal bar.


Mud & Honey Mask 60 minutes // $99.00

Enjoy this volcanic mud mask enriched with organic honey, rich in minerals.  It leaves your skin soft, your body fresh and invigorated. In addition to being an excellent body beautification, mud also helps reduce cellulite and is excellent for cases of fluid retention.

Herbal Mask 75 minutes // $110.00

With an anti-ageing effect, this body mask stimulates the skin’s collagen. It begins with an exfoliation followed by the application of an anti-aging botanical mixture. The skin is repaired by retaining moisture.

Aro-Mud Mask 60 minutes // $99.00

A creamy mud wrap with thermal water and essential oils of rosemary and lemon to dissolve muscle tension and inhibit inflammation. Positive results for the skin. Ideal for detoxification and purification.



Detox  45 minutes // $60.00

The objective of the treatment is to free the face skin from toxins and impurities and make it radiant. Purified, thanks to the action of mud and green tea with their extraordinary properties, the skin breathes and shines.

Rejuvenating 50 minutes // $66.00

It is the massage technique that represents one of the most valid and effective solutions for the elimination of excess liquids and toxins. It favors cell regeneration by visibly eliminating edemas to leave the face with more relaxed features. Ideal for lovers of delicate touch.


Crying Synergy 60 minutes // $72.00

This facial begins with a cleansing, a gentle peel and warm compresses that help penetrate the thermal serum of active ingredients. A quartz lifting massage followed by an herbal mask that is activated with ice sticks and lavender that cool the surface of the skin to tighten.


Wellness  45 minutes // $80.00

Acts on muscular level, in a light way, giving a sensation of comfort and relaxation. A beneficial effect for the body and mind.

Thermal  60 minutes // $100.00

This relaxing treatment has a softening, hydrating and illuminating action. It is a medium pressure massage with thermal gelatine. It is wrapped in warm towels and lavender essence while applying pressure points to face and skull.

Magnesium  60 minutes // $100.00 or 45 minutes $80.00 

Detox and recover your muscles with a deep tissue massage.

Refreshing  50 minutes // $90.00

It is ideal for preventing and combating fluid retention. A synergy that includes the application of mud followed by a reactivating cryo-massage that relieves the swelling and heaviness of the legs.

Volcanic Mud & Coffee  75 minutes // $120.00

Enjoy a detoxifying and aromatic massage of volcanic mud mixed with organic coffee. A unique sensory experience.

Tone & Frequency   75 minutes // $120.00

This multisensory experience begins with an aromatherapy that stimulates the sense of smell. It continues with one of our synergies of balsam, hot stones and quartz crystals that will help you enter into a deep relaxation.

Cranial  25 minutes // $45.00

A luxurious blend of vitamin E and coconut oil is sprayed onto the scalp for a nourishing and soothing massage.

Arnica & Compress   45 minutes // $80.00

A massage that favors the deep relaxation of the person by activating the production of natural analgesics. Descontracture at cervical and lumbosacral level with the application of arnica and compresses.

Balance   50 minutes // $154.00

A massage with rose quartz, the love stone that is used to add positive love energy to relationships and balance the four upper chakras.  Together you will balance the energy of the body, heart and soul. An aromatic oil infused with herbs will make the perfect synergy for an unforgettable experience.