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Hosting Your Event at Hacienda Guachipelin

If you are considering visiting Hacienda Guachipelin for your next group getaway or event, you will have so much to look forward to from our fantastic all-in-one eco-adventure destination in Guanacaste, Costa Rica!

We are located in the Rincon de la Vieja National Park — a world-heritage listed area, here for visitors to experience and enjoy. The Rincon de la Vieja’s volcanic summits are covered in a rich, green forest that is home to a diverse array of wildlife, and our team of nature and adventure guides are here to help you explore. Every inch of our property is waiting to be discovered. Get ready to encounter iconic frogs and macaws; endangered monkeys and over 300 bird species in a pristine environment where nature thrives in its rawest form.

At Hacienda Guachipelin, we aim to offer a genuinely authentic eco-adventure experience without any compromise on comfort and safety. Get ready to experience incredible scenery in the company of our amazing staff. This is the experience of a lifetime and a perfect way to celebrate your holiday or event.

When we first opened our doors in x, we envisioned creating a place where we can provide our guests with an immersion into nature and the local culture through exciting and educational experiences. Our lodge sits on more than x acres of protected primary and secondary tropical dry forest and our activities are designed to showcase the many wonders that can be found in this region. Within this amazing environment, guests can look forward to experiencing once-in-a-lifetime wilderness adventures and wildlife encounters.

Are you a bold spirit, ready to explore?

Saddle into a day of adventure with our nature guides. Locals to the area, their knowledge reflects a lifetime unearthing the secrets and curiosities of the enigmatic ecosystem.

Are you in search of nature’s tranquility?

Join us for an intimate and authentic experience of nature and culture in Guanacaste. We offer educational and inspiring bird-watching hikes, garden tours, thermal pools, and our private, on-site Simbiosis Spa.

Incentive Groups

At Hacienda Guachipelin, we have the facilities and activities to cater to large groups. We receive a number of bookings throughout the year from businesses who want to visit us with their incentive groups. Our unique location and roster of activities make us an excellent incentive for your employees or partners to recognize their achievements and to motivate them to reach their goals.

Not only is visiting Hacienda Guachipelin a reward for your group, but it is also an opportunity to challenge themselves to grow further! Your team already has the skills and tools to improve company performance. What they need is the drive. Motivation may be the key you need to reach your desired organizational goals. Experience the boost in productivity that even a one-day adventure can have on your team. We also cater to incentive travel groups who want to partake in a multi-day experience reward program.

A visit to Hacienda Guachipelin is an adventure that enlivens all five senses with a full range of experiences from thrilling excitement to pure indulgence. We design our incentive program to take advantage of our spectacular destination, filled with natural wonders that inspire all who visit. We cater to groups that require elaborate programs that are highly engaging, including dances, cultural activities, and rodeos on top of our already exciting adventure tours.

We have successfully hosted groups of up to 300 attendees for events that can include overnight stays, as well as meals, tours, themed activities, and more. Take advantage of our ability to customize your experience completely. We offer endless variations of private tours and catered meals at uniquely inspiring locations. Choose from our extensive lists of adventure and leisure activities and we’ll take care of the rest.

Our team of on-site organizers are here offer your group all unique experiences with location and menu. Imagine a picnic at a beautiful waterfall or lunch at the spa. Finish your day with a lively fiesta by the pool with customized decor. We are ready to accommodate the highest expectations with our creative and value-added packages. Join us at Hacienda Guachipelin for experiences that far surpass cocktails by the pool.


Choosing a venue is usually your first major decision when planning your wedding. Your special day deserves a special and unique venue that is ready to provide you with the right atmosphere and a full-service experience. And if you are searching for the perfect waterfall or garden location for once-in-a-lifetime nuptials, Hacienda Guachipelin has the dramatically beautiful settings that brides and grooms from all over the world have dreamed about and made a reality with us.

At Hacienda Guachipelin we offer something that nowhere else can offer: the full-package Guachipelin experience. Stay on-site, have access to our shuttles, enjoy delicious in-house prepared meals or catered dining, and choose from a list of unbelievable locations on-site for your perfect day. We are your one-stop destination for unique, fairytale-like nuptials.

If you’ve been dreaming about having a green wedding or if you want to keep your affair casual and garden-themed, we can provide the right setting and ambiance for a cozy, farm-style wedding, or an elegant, romantic celebration. We have everything from small garden locations for an intimate wedding ceremony and reception to a large clearing in the woods next to a spectacular waterfall that can host extended groups of family and friends. We are able to accommodate groups from as little as a few select guests up to x number of attendees. Everything from guest transport to and from Guachipelin to small decorative details — our team is ready and willing to make your day a perfect celebration of your love.

Not only is our venue stunningly beautiful, but your guests will feel comfortable on our peaceful grounds with a selection of comfortable rooms at varying price ranges from which to choose. Your guests will not struggle to feel at ease at our Hacienda. We have all of the facilities that you and your guests want from a holiday destination, including a resort-style pool, restaurant, and numerous activities for leisure and excitement.

We have a number of options for different budgets and if your guests don’t want to participate in any extra activities, they don’t have to. Our restaurant is very reasonable prices and we offer buffet-style meals every day of the week that are delicious and made fresh from our gardens. There are no hidden costs when staying at Hacienda Guachipelin and our organizers will work with you up to and including the day of your ceremony to make sure that everything is taken care of as it should be.

Visit us in person and see for yourself the size, beauty, and suitability of our outdoor wedding locations. We can show you the previous weddings we have hosted so that you can see how well our locations photograph and feel the ambiance of this incredible environment. Let the sun filtering through the forest’s canopy provide your lighting and these ancient woods provide the beautiful backdrops.

At our private and intimate wedding and reception locations, your celebration can be loud without any worry about neighbors. Instead, we offer open skies, lush green nature, and friendly faces ready to make your special day an immense success.

To round out your stay, we offer a number of exhilarating adventures at Hacienda Guachipelin. Enjoy nature hikes, zip-lining, white water tubing, or soaking in our thermal hot springs, among dozens of other nature, adventure, and leisure activities. We are the perfect honeymoon destination for lovers who also love nature and are seeking rejuvenating seclusion after their exciting nuptials. This is the destination that you will look back on and remember with full sensation. There is so much to experience at Hacienda Guachipelin, and your great experience means everything to us.

Barbecue Lunches or Dinners

La Parrillada Guanacasteca is our way of saying, “come on by for a delicious, typical Costa Rican BBQ!” Served alfresco by the pool, with delightful marimba music playing in the background, or at your choice of location on our property. Bring your group of 25 people or more for our delicious and fun Guanacaste Grill at Hacienda Guachipelin.

Grilled food is extremely healthy when prepared right. At Hacienda Guachipelin, our trained chefs have years of experience in preparing colorful dishes filled with local, seasonal foods grown right on the property or sourced from our neighboring farmers. Our dishes are packed with flavorful marinades and spices that help eliminate the negative effects of high-heat cooking and turn our dishes into mouth-watering delights!

Book your next private luncheon or dinner in the middle of the Rincon de la Vieja National Park with spectacular views of a cascading waterfall. We will prepare everything for your requests… all you need to do is turn up and feast on a sensational three-course menu in a breathtaking location. And don’t forget to bring a swimsuit to fully appreciate this enchanting setting.

Corporate and Academic Getaways

Are you looking for a team-building experience unlike any other that also has functional spaces for meetings, as well as fun and creative event spaces? At Hacienda Guachipelin, we specialize in Corporate Group Getaways and Team Building Excursions. Our dedicated and expert functions staff regularly receive groups of varying sizes from all over the world, including high school and college students, transnational corporations, and local businesses. Essentially, we cater to any groups looking for nature, adventure, and leisure combined with their own unique team-building or educational programs.

Book your private dinner by the pool, or use our garden spaces to host your multi-day team-building activities.

Our meeting room can host up to 25 people with top quality and fully functional teleconferencing and audio-visual capabilities. There is no package in place — everything we offer is catered individually for your group’s needs.

Hacienda Guachipelin’s event center is the one-stop destination for organizations looking for venues and locations that deliver unique and authentic experiences. Create unforgettable impressions and new-found camaraderie through shared memorable experiences. Our incentive travel programs cannot be replicated anywhere else. We understand that every audience will have individual nuances for each participant. Your options will include flexibility and activity variance.

Our goal is to wow you at every touchpoint. From our guides to our friendly staff; from our delightfully fresh and seasonal delicious menus to our innovative and inspirational sustainability ethics — we have everything you want to create an uplifting experience for a diversity of participants. Leave your team with a lasting experience over a commodity. Become a part of our community, contribute and practice social responsibility. Meet people, make connections, leave with friends. Learn new skills, reduce stress, and enhance your team’s performance.

With health and wellness becoming growing priorities in our world, our focus is shifting to personal awakening. When booking your retreat at Hacienda Guachipelin, comfort zones are left behind in favor of quality experience zones. As soon as you arrive, you’ll realize why you came. Our network of pristine nature trails will guide you on a sensational journey that is tailored to your needs.

Adventure calls. It’s time to step beyond your comfort zone. There is never a shortage of adventures to be had at Hacienda Guachipelin!

Special Themed Events (Cowboy Party, Carnival)

Since our Hacienda is a fully-operational Guanacaste ranch, we have decided to open our authentic setting to Cowboy/Western themed events. Along with our Carnival-style events, our Stables venue has become popular with groups of up to 200 persons. Designed to host games, activities, and live entertainment, we decorate the space and provide a delicious themed menu prepared fresh on-site. Your guests will love taking a ride on our mechanical bull and the many Instagram photo opportunities that this venue provides!We offer:

  • Turnkey event production
  • Tenting
  • Lighting/ambiance
  • Floral arrangements
  • Decor
  • Entertainment
  • Staffing
  • Unique menú